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Lexitup is an online marketplace that connects businesses with freelance legal experts quickly and effortlessly. It’s been designed to give clients access to tailored specialist knowledge without unnecessary overheads and red tape. Clients post assignments on the Lexitup platform, and freelance experts pitch for that work based on their experience and availability.

You can find out more about how it works here.

Freelance legal experts registered on Lexitup have 3 – 25 years post qualification experience with an average of 12 years’ experience and are acknowledged specialists in their fields. On the senior end of the spectrum this includes former General Counsels, Managing Partners, Senior Lawyers and Board Advisors.

These are highly-accomplished professionals, who have taken up freelancing on a more permanent basis and who have the power and choice to work on short-term projects, attend to a one-hour phone call or support a business regularly by providing their specialist know-how and skills to help enhance a company’s objectives.

Lexitup connects clients with freelance legal experts with verified extensive experience and qualifications.

There’s no minimum or maximum assignment length or invoice amount. The work may be a couple of hours, days or even months.


Phone Consultations

Private conversations conducted over the phone to assist with decision making, or to fill in knowledge gaps.


Private conversations conducted in person to receive insight relating to decision making or to fill in knowledge gaps.

Written legal advice

Reviewing and Drafting legal documents

Litigation, claim management and insolvency

Project management

Representation in business meetings

Nominee Directorship Roundtables

Closed discussions between a select group of people who require specialist insight.

Site Visits

A single visit, or series of site visits to review or provide specialist knowledge.

Strategic Projects

Short term or long term projects for an organisation to assist with increased workloads or operational gaps. The project length depends on your business needs.

Training and Professional Development

Conduct training and professional development workshops onsite or offsite, to bring teams up to speed.

Board Placements

Provide organisations with operational and board roles at short notice.


Freelance legal experts can provide knowledge and expertise to others who require mentoring.

You can create an account with Lexitup here.

Please ensure your company profile is comprehensive to ensure you attract the right legal expert for your assignment.

Publicly listed, privately held companies, small to medium businesses, private practice law firms, accounting firms, government departments and not for profit organisations.

In short, if you have an Registered Business Number you can sign up as a Lexitup client.

We handpick each freelance legal expert from the large number of applications received, based on their skills, experience and education.

For the few that make the cut, we undertake a further vetting process to ensure only the best freelance legal experts are in our talent pool.

We use a transparent rating system based on our clients’ experience with the freelance lawyer and level of their satisfaction.

Where relevant, freelance legal experts do have their own insurance covers in place. However, it’s up to you to ensure the insurance policies the freelance legal expert has in place meets your projects requirements.

Due to privacy we are unable to disclose individual freelance legal experts policies to you, but if required, copies of these policies can be requested directly from the freelance legal expert.

It depends, however, once you post a project the system allows for you to receive proposals immediately. Please keep in mind our freelance experts must submit a proposal, and as they could be engaged on other assignments please allow time to receive proposals.

The sooner you post your project the better.

You decide whether you require the freelance legal experts to work on site with you, remotely or a mix between the two.

Our freelance legal experts are also available for private phone discussions if preferred.

Our recommendation is that you agree on the work location at the beginning of the project. Naturally this may change, but continual communication with your freelance expert is key.

Lexitup is free to sign up as a client.

You set your budget when you post a project, deciding on whether you pay an hourly, daily or monthly fee or you can choose to pay a fixed fee for the entire project.

Please note that a freelance legal expert may counter with a price proposal after reviewing your project brief.

For each project Lexitup charges a commission of 15% (+ VAT, if applicable) on top of the amount agreed with the freelance legal expert.

Freelance legal experts must notify you upfront if they have a conflict of interest, or potential conflict of interest.

Absolutely, we’re in the business of connection. If you appoint a freelance legal expert you’ve met through Lexitup on a permanent basis, you’ll be charged a recruitment fee of 20% + VAT of the freelance experts’ annual salary package.

You can find out more in our Terms.

You and your freelance legal expert will decide before the project commences at what stage(s) they’ll invoice you. Your freelance legal expert invoices you directly.

The freelance legal expert you engage is responsible for delivering the work as per the agreed terms. Lexitup does not provide or resell legal services.

However, at the end of the project you’ll have the opportunity to review and rate your experience with your freelance legal expert. This is particularly important to the freelance legal expert as your feedback is published to their Lexitup profile. And as part of our commitment to excellence, freelance legal experts who consistently receive poor reviews may be deregistered from Lexitup.

Yes, of course. Please note that any further work with your freelance legal expert must be processed through Lexitup and standard Lexitup fees will apply. You can easily reengage a freelance legal expert through Lexitup.

Please refer to our Terms for more information

We do allow rolling on of the project. Please simply close the project when it comes to an end.

Remember to check with the freelance legal expert before doing so to ensure they’re available. The sooner you notify them, the better.

You have the option of posting a ‘private and invite only’ project. If you select this option, the project will only be visible to freelance legal experts who you’ve personally invited.

At the end of each project the client is provided with the opportunity to rate their freelance legal expert and leave comments relating to the work they’ve completed. We monitor all ratings and reviews and address any concerns directly with the freelance expert. Lexitup uses best endeavors to build an excellent talent pool and select freelance lawyers that meet clients’ expectations, but Lexitup may not be made responsible for any misconduct, delay or bad performance of freelance lawyers selected by the clients on the Lexitup platform.

Yes, the freelance legal expert is also given the option to rate their experience working with you. This is a fair and transparent system that protects both parties. We also monitor clients to ensure our freelance legal experts are working on assignments that utilise their superior level of professionalism.

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