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Lexitup is an online marketplace that connects businesses with freelance legal experts. It’s been designed to give you the freedom, flexibility and control over your working day, while providing the opportunity for you to share your exceptional specialist knowledge with businesses.

You can find out more about how it works here.

Client registered on Lexitup are publicly listed and privately held companies, private practice law firms, accounting firms, small to medium businesses and government departments.

It’s always your choice whether to accept a project and there’s no minimum amount of work you’re required to do to remain registered with Lexitup.

A client could engage you for short or long-term activities such as:

Phone Consultations

Private conversations conducted over the phone to assist with decision making, or to fill in knowledge gaps.


Private conversations conducted in person to provide insight relating to decision making or to fill in knowledge gaps.

Written legal advice

Reviewing and Drafting legal documents

Litigation, claim management and insolvency

Project management

Representation in business meetings

Nominee Directorship Roundtables


Closed discussions between a select group of people who require your specialist insight.

Site Visits

A single visit, or series of site visits to review or provide specialist knowledge.

Strategic Projects

Short term or long-term projects for an organisation to assist with increased workloads or operational gaps. Projects can vary from 1 day to 12 months.

Training and Professional Development

Conduct training and professional development workshops onsite or offsite, to bring teams up to speed.

Board Placements

Provide organisations with operational and board roles at short notice.


Share your knowledge and expertise with others who need it.

You can create an account with Lexitup here.

Please ensure you provide the requested documents so we can verify your professional claims, including where relevant practicing certificates, insurance policies and updated CV.

We’ll also require details for two referees who we’ll be contacting to confirm your education and experience.

To be considered as an Lexitup freelance legal expert you must have a minimum of 3 years’ PQE experience as a lawyer within your area of expertise. In addition, you must be:

  • Self employed and/or an incorporated entity
  • Holding the relevant certificates and insurances to work within your profession
  • Up to date with any professional development requirements.

It’s free to sign up as a freelance legal expert on Lexitup.

You must have professional liability insurance in place as required by the relevant bar association or legislation. Clients may require a higher insurance amounts than the statutory minimum for certain projects.

All invoicing and payments are made directly from the freelance lawyer to the client. Lexitup will invoice their commission or recruitment fee directly to the client.

Lexitup uses SSL technology to ensure all data is secure and private.

You’ll work onsite, or remotely, or a mix between the two depending on your agreement with your client. Although things may change during the life of the project, our recommendation is work location is a key term agreed on prior to project commencement.

The client my request a private phone discussion or skype call instead.

We encourage collaboration and expect in many instances, clients will choose to receive ongoing insight from our freelance experts.

If this is the case, you must advise us.

You are responsible for letting the client know of any conflicts of interest.

If for any reason you think that by taking on a project there’ll be a conflict of interest (or potential conflict of interest) you must let us, or client know immediately.



At the conclusion of each project the client will have the option to rate the freelance expert and leave comments based on the completed work. Lexitup monitors all ratings and reviews to ensure any concerns are addressed directly with the freelance legal expert.

Yes. Clients are also rated. We also monitor reviews of clients and feedback provided by freelance legal experts because we value the skill and expertise of our freelance experts and want to ensure they’re accessing quality work and high calibre clients.

Your profile is visible to all registered clients, however, there’s an option for you to set your profile to ‘Private’. Your profile isn’t visible to other freelance legal experts.

Your profile is visible to all registered clients, however, there’s an option for you to set your profile to ‘Private’. Your profile isn’t visible to other freelance experts.

Yes, you can. We ask that you speak directly to the client outlining why you’re no longer available to work with them before closing it on Lexitup.

Please ensure all outstanding invoices are raised and sent to the client prior to closing the relevant project.

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