Freedom, Functionality and Flexibility in Freelancing

LEXITUP is fast-becoming Central Europe’s leading online talent platform for connecting leading businesses and top-tier law firms with freelance legal experts.

Combining technology and talent, LEXITUP offers alternative legal services which bring together the best in the legal profession. We connect leading businesses with Central & Eastern Europe’s top freelance legal experts on demand.

LEXITUP understands that leading businesses want an agile workforce to meet operational requirements, to upskill quickly in a particular area or to enjoy the associated benefits of such a workforce – skilled professionals on call, a reduction in red tape and no unnecessary overheads.

Joining LEXITUP is Effortless

LEXITUP is designed with the user in mind.

Clients, you can have one of our freelance legal experts working on your project within days. After signing up and posting details about the work involved, you’ll immediately get matched with a number of appropriate freelance legal experts to choose from.

Freelance legal experts, we know your time is precious. Set up your profile in minutes and once approved, you’ll start getting matches. Searching for work is simply a matter of checking your dashboard for upcoming opportunities.

Why Choose LEXITUP

Matches are made for you

LEXITUP is a people business using the newest technology to make the right connections. Our team, along with the latest software, will pair the right client with the best legal talent. All you have to do is watch your personalised LEXITUP dashboard light up with the perfect matches.

Strict Vetting Processes

When you choose LEXITUP you’re working with the highest calibre of legal talent and the best businesses in Central & Eastern Europe.

LEXITUP requires all freelance legal experts to verify their professional claims and conducts independent checks before approving applications. You can be assured that any freelance legal expert pitching for work on LEXITUP is not only suitably qualified, but among the best in their field.


You Remain in Control

Both the client and freelance legal experts select the best possible project partner from a list of appropriate matches provided by LEXITUP.

As a client you decide on the project terms (e.g. budget, duration and work location) and freelance experts bid for your work at your set price. You won’t get to the end of a project and find unexpected billing surprises.

As a freelance legal expert you determine what your time is worth, where you’d like to work (at home or in the office) and the type of project that suits your lifestyle.