How it Works

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How it Works


To get started, LEXITUP requires all clients and experts to register an account.

All freelance legal experts are required to submit their professional documents that verify their expertise. We verify each one, ensuring that both our legal experts and clients are high-quality and are who they claim to be.


Verified clients submit project briefs that detail the challenge, budget and scope of the problem using our Project Dashboard.

Once posted, our system matches legal experts with projects that suit their unique experience and specialist skillsets.

Legal experts search a curated selection of projects using the Search Projects tab. When a legal expert finds a project that interests them, they submit a proposal via our secure system.


Using the Project Dashboard, clients view legal experts’ proposals along with their experience, feedback and ratings from previous work.

Legal experts can view this information about clients too, building trust on both sides.

Clients reach out to experts to discuss key terms, goals and project specifics through our platform.

Legal experts agree on key terms and negotiate to reach an outcome that works for everyone


One-to-one conversations, video calls, site visits—how you collaborate to solve the business problem is up to you.

Once a project is complete, all invoicing and payments are made directly from the freelance lawyer to the client. Our Invoice Dashboard allows experts to keep track of client receivables.


Both clients and legal experts review the project by contributing feedback to each member’s profile.

Enjoyed working together? LEXITUP lets you keep in touch with your new connections, building a professional network of trusted clients who value your skills, or experts who add value to your business.

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You can engage our independent freelance legal experts for a range of activities including:

Private Phone Discussions

Have a private conversation over the phone with a legal expert who can answer questions that can help with decision making, or to fill in knowledge gaps.

Short and Long Term Placements

We can place a freelance legal expert into short term or long term roles in your organisation to assist with increased workloads or operational gaps. Projects can vary from one day to 12 months, with legal experts available to work remotely or onsite.

Training and Professional Development

A legal expert can conduct training and professional development workshops onsite or offsite, to bring you and your team up to speed.

Board Placements

We have executives and legal experts ready to be placed into operational and board roles at short notice.


Our legal experts include former and current senior executives who have a wealth of knowledge to share. Could you or someone within your organisation benefit from one of our mentors?


Ongoing Relationships

The best results are driven by ongoing business relationships. We recognise the unique skills of every legal expert and we connect them with clients who value their hands-on experience and unrivalled business expertise.


We require all legal experts to verify their professional claims, and we conduct independent checks before approving applications. We also monitor client profiles, so that no matter which side of the working relationship you are on, you know that you are working with someone trustworthy.


We ensure clients and legal experts are equal collaborative partners. Clients can transparently set terms, budgets and project durations and experts determine where, how and when they want to work, as well as picking projects that fit with their interests.

Connecting Business with Freelance Legal Experts

LEXITUP is Central Europe’s leading online platform connecting businesses to freelance legal experts across every industry.

Our freelance legal experts have an average of 15 years of experience with previous extensive experience working for blue-chip companies and top tier law firms (in Europe and internationally) across many industries.

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Freelance Legal Expertise for all Industries and Sectors

Our community of freelance legal experts have experience in the following industry sectors:

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